As a community leader North Branch Environmental in Chicago, IL wants to ensure you can get answers to the questions that you may have regarding environmental hazards and chemical concerns. Here you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions.


Question:Who do I report an oil or hazardous material emergency?


Illinois Emergency Management Agency 800.782.7860

National Response Center 800.424.8802

Metro Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago 312.787.3575

Question:What does a homeowner do with an out of service heating oil tank in their basement,crawl space or front or back yard?

Answer:The homeowner may contact North Branch Environmental to have their heating oil tank emptied and removed for disposal in accordance with all local, state, and federal regulations.If the tank is underground we will refer a tank removal company.

Question:Does a homeowner who is selling their home need to certify to a potential buyer and the lending institution that their home has no environmental hazards?

Answer:Lending institutions require that out of service heating oil tanks be removed from the home before a sale is complete and that no environmental hazards exist.If there was a problem prior to the sale of the home the homeowner is required to disclose the nature of the problem and show proof that the problem has been remedied.


FAQs on Environmental Hazards in Chicago, IL