Question:Should a homeowner disclose to a potential buyer that their home is located in a flood zone?If so should the potential buyer be informed as to what has been done to correct the flooding problem?

Answer:Ethically the seller of the home should disclose that their home has been in a flood zone and that the building of the deep tunnel has helped eliminate the flooding as well as other corrective measures that the homeowner has taken.

Question:What can a homeowner do with spent anti freeze , batteries,used motor oil and tires?

Answer:Many communities have collection locations for the spent anti freeze and used motor oil.If you need to dispose of these items you can contact your local Public Works Department or Municipal offices for the designated collection point.Also, many auto parts stores will allow their customers to return their spent anti freeze ,used motor oil and batteries at their stores.Used tires are normally turned in when purchasing new tires.

For more information please visit the State of Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.